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Braces at Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers

We use Damon™ System braces in our office. They come in either clear or metal, and tend to be smaller than many other types of braces. They are easier to clean than braces that require the colored rings, and they also tend to hurt less because they require less pushing to move the teeth.

We find that the Damon™ System provides lighter forces, less discomfort, and shorter treatment times than other braces. We are confident that the Damon™ System is the absolute best for our patients.

Check out the Damon™  Doctor Locator  to see how we’re the only ones in our area using this process and one of only two Damon™  Certified Educator practices in Michigan.

Damon™ System and Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™

Our office is recognized as a Damon™ System Premier Provider office, and orthodontist Dr. Tim Bandeen is nationally recognized as a Damon™ Certified Educator. This means that he is one of a select few doctors who help educate his orthodontic colleagues about how to best utilize the Damon™ System and Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™.

At Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers, we use the latest technology in orthodontics – which includes Damon™ orthodontic braces. The Damon™ System of advanced passive self-ligating brackets, high-tech light-force archwires (lighter pushing) and minimally invasive treatment protocols (fewer teeth removed) provides remarkable advantages for our patients. The Damon™ System has been clinically proven to dramatically reduce treatment times, provide exceptional results and significantly improve patient comfort and experience.

With Insignia™ Custom Smile Design, our doctors are able to plan your treatment results before braces are placed. Insignia™ allows us to place the braces exactly where we want them for the best possible finish from the very first day of orthodontic treatment. We take (1) custom placement of brackets, (2) custom built wires, (3) braces that are uniquely built for each and every tooth, and (4) our doctors’ treatment planning for your smile and combine all four to provide unique treatment for each patient. We don’t just stick braces on the teeth – we have a plan that starts before the braces are even placed. Insignia™ is the essence of starting treatment with the end in mind.

Dr. Tim and Dr. Emily have received recognition as one of only about four offices in the entire world to have achieved Insignia™ Premier Provider status every year since 2010. Bandeen Orthodontics in Battle Creek is recognized internationally as an expert office in using Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™, and Dr. Tim has been presenting on the topic nationally and internationally since 2011.

“Insignia is our choice for patients because it is built upon a philosophy of eliminating as much error as possible prior to starting treatment rather than conceding error and trying to compensate midway through treatment.  Even if you’re good at compensating, you’re still compensating.  Planning ahead is better for our patients.” – Dr. Tim Bandeen

Stable, comfortable expansion without rapid palatal expanders

Damon™ System braces makes the use of palatal expanders unnecessary. This is not to say that we don’t provide expansion of the dental arches when necessary, but it is to say that our doctors feel that there is better way to expand than the outdated technology of the rapid palatal expander. If you have been told that palatal expansion is what you need, please call us so that we can show you how expansion can be achieved without an expander. In our opinion, Damon™ System Braces allow us to achieve a healthy, stable expansion equal to or better than that which is achieved with palatal expanders, correcting crossbites and/or crowding without uncomfortable, bulky, difficult to clean palatal expanders.

The use of Damon™ System braces also allows us to provide non-surgical treatment for many adult patients. If you are an adult and you have been told that your treatment would require surgical expansion, please call us for a second opinion because there may be other options available. Expansion was often considered to be limited to treatment of children. That is no longer the case. Expansion in adults with Damon™ System braces is not a compromise with a lesser result. Expansion in adult patients with Damon™ System braces is a valid treatment option that has been shown to be an excellent treatment option for many patients.

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