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Teen orthodontic treatment with Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers

Who wants to have a palatal expander, a Herbst appliance, or headgear? NO ONE! Orthodontic treatment is easier than it used to be, but that can depend on who you see for your orthodontic treatment.

For teens, orthodontic care and treatment can be overwhelming, which is why Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers has worked hard to simplify the treatment process by utilizing the latest and best technology. The teen years are when most of our patients will have treatment. There is no need for extra, unneeded equipment like palatal expanders and Herbst appliances – all you need are brackets and wires or Invisalign for successful orthodontic treatment.  Leave the extra junk out of your orthodontic treatment, and come see us for a better experience with less time in treatment, less overall tooth movement, and less discomfort relative to older treatment methods.