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Learn more about the Smile Grant at Bandeen Orthodontics

The team at Bandeen Orthodontics has founded a new community inclusive program at our practice called Smile Grant™.  Smile Grant™ is an exciting new way for Bandeen Orthodontics to give back to the community with an orthodontic scholarship. Adults or children in need of orthodontic treatment, including braces, can be nominated for a Smile Grant™ through our online application.

We’ve participated in other forms of scholarship programs in the past, but with Smile Grant™ we’ll be able to make our own terms and we’re excited with the new flexibility it will bring us. Smile Grant™ will always accept applications on a rolling status, and the recipients of a Smile Grant™ will be selected and notified as they are chosen.

The current plan is to choose six Smile Grant™ recipients a year to receive full orthodontic treatment at no cost which amounts to over $35,000 of orthodontic treatment.  Recipients will be chosen based on aesthetic, functional, and financial need.

Fill out the application form below or download the PDF and mail the application with a photo to us at:

Bandeen Orthodontics
4602 Beckley Road
Battle Creek, MI 49015

PDF Application Form

Smile Grant Online Application Form:

    Application being submitted by:

    Please attach a close up picture of the applicants smiling teeth:

    Please keep in mind that candidates will be evaluated based on overall needs (esthetic) as well as on potential benefits that he / she may experience from elective orthodontic treatment.