Is Early Orthodontic Treatment in Three Rivers Necessary for Your Child?

However, that’s not to say that no one should have early treatment. In some cases, your child may be extremely self-conscious because their teeth are misaligned – this misalignment can unfortunately lead to teasing and bullying. There are also emergencies where there is pain or damage that could be corrected by beginning treatment early. In many cases, early treatment is needed because of airway concerns or sleep apnea. These issues can occur with children you have large tonsils and adenoids and normal-sized mouths or with children who have small mouths that need to be made larger to address airway concerns or sleep apnea.

At Bandeen Orthodontics, only about five percent of the children we see could benefit from having early treatment. While having treatment twice does not necessarily cause harm, it’s certainly not beneficial in most cases. By having treatment only when it’s necessary, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress. Of course, the final decision is yours to make, but from what we have seen, parents presented with this information, typically decide to wait. This may mean a less busy option, but it’s what’s right for many of our patients.

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