Getting Rid of Stains on Teeth After Having Your Braces Removed

Sometimes, after braces are removed when proper oral hygiene isn’t used, there may be white spots on the teeth where the brackets were mounted. These white spots are caused by minerals in your teeth being worn down or removed while wearing braces. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to get rid of, or greatly diminish, this discoloration.

Adequate brushing and flossing. You will want to brush the surface of your teeth two or three times and floss once every day. This will help keep the unaffected part of your teeth white and clean, lessening the difference between the white spots and the rest of your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening. Like brushing, whitening the unaffected part of your teeth will help to make the white parts of the enamel on your teeth less noticeable.

Remineralization. Remineralization involves using a cream that is enriched with the minerals that were removed from your teeth. This cream allows your teeth to rebuild the damaged area by reabsorbing the missing minerals. Remineralization can even completely get rid of the white spots depending on their severity.

Veneers. Veneers can be affixed to the front of your teeth in order to create a new tooth surface and hide white spots.

Composite restoration. If the white spots on your teeth are also indented, you will need composite restoration in order to keep the integrity of the tooth. This process involves using resin to fill in the dents, making the same color and level with the other parts of your tooth’s enamel.

Microabrasion. This treatment uses fine particles to sand down and polish the surface of your teeth making the white spots less noticeable or even completely gone after multiple treatments.

At Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers, we do everything we can to educate and inform our patients on how to take proper care of their teeth while wearing braces, however, discoloration isn’t always prevented.