Your Three Rivers Orthodontist Discusses the Importance of Treatment at the Right Time

When you choose Bandeen Orthodontics as your Three Rivers orthodontist, we typically wait to begin treatment until your baby teeth are gone and adult teeth have erupted – usually age twelve or older. You may be wondering why we begin treatment later than other Three Rivers orthodontists. The simple answer is, we have found that by using the latest technologies and waiting to start treatment, we can achieve the same (or even better) outcomes with less effort and cost for most of our patients.

You may be surprised to hear that the vast majority of our orthodontic treatment times are only one year to 18 months, with only about twenty percent of our patients needing treatment for longer than 18 months. There are a number of ways that we achieve these shortened treatment times, including the use of Damon™ System braces and Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ and our extensive experience and knowledge.

Insignia™ means we are able to use computers to accurately see the end goals of treatment and then reverse engineer the process to create an optimal, unique, and superior treatment result. Through these new technologies, we are also able to use computer modeling in order to properly place braces virtually as well ask making customized wires. Insignia™ allows us to perform treatment virtually first to see how it should go before beginning the orthodontic treatment on your actual teeth.

As part of our treatment philosophy of waiting until treatment is necessary, we use Damon™ System Braces. These braces mean you no longer need rapid palatal expanders as part of your treatment. We provide expansion of the dental arches when necessary, but there are better ways to expand than with outdated technology. If you have met with another Three Rivers orthodontist and they have told you that palatal expansion is what you need, please contact Bandeen Orthodontics – the premier Three Rivers orthodontist – so that we can show you how expansion can be achieved without an expander.