Wisdom Teeth and How They Affect Orthodontic Care

Wisdom teeth can adversely affect the alignment of your teeth and may present complications when it comes to orthodontic care. Because these molars are the last teeth to grow in, they can cause your other teeth to crowd each other, especially if there’s limited room on the gumline for them. This is one of the main reasons that wisdom teeth are usually extracted. The problem is that wisdom teeth could become impacted to the point that they don’t break through the gums or grow in properly, making their extraction difficult. In today’s post, we will discuss wisdom teeth and how they can complicate your orthodontic treatment needs.

Prevent Crowding with Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you need teeth realigned or shifted, then any wisdom teeth that could potentially hinder proper alignment will have to be extracted before orthodontic work can proceed. By leaving them in, there’s a good chance that they will crowd the teeth, undoing work that has already been completed and necessitating further orthodontic work to correct the issues. Depending on the patient’s age or the circumstances of the wisdom teeth, the extraction can be completed either before or after the orthodontic treatment begins based on the recommendations of the dentist, oral surgeon, and/or orthodontist. This collaborative process will help our professionals formulate the most effective course of action to produce the desired results.

What to Do About Children’s Wisdom Teeth

For children, orthodontic treatments can become problematic when wisdom teeth are involved because wisdom teeth grow in at different rates and different times for everyone. Because of this, the dentist and orthodontist will collaborate to determine the right time to remove a child’s wisdom teeth. This allows your child’s orthodontic work to be completed properly without any unfortunate setbacks. Our goal is to formulate the best possible strategy for success without any further crowding that would require extended treatment.

Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers serves patients of all ages with effective orthodontic care. By collaborating with your dentist and oral surgery, we will make sure that your treatment is planned out properly to address any possible complications, including the possible removal of wisdom teeth. If you or your child are in need of orthodontic treatment, work with the expert professionals at Bandeen Orthodontics to ensure the best possible treatment for results that you will be proud to show off. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation today!