When is the Right Time to Visit Your Three Rivers Orthodontist?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment in Three Rivers, Bandeen Orthodontics usually will not begin treatment until your children’s baby teeth are gone and the permanent teeth have completely erupted. This usually means around the age of twelve or older. The reason that we begin orthodontic treatment later than other orthodontist offices in Three Rivers is because waiting for the teeth to come in usually yields better results. More importantly, through our use of the best technology, your teeth will be straightened successfully in a more cost effective manner, requiring fewer adjustments. Let’s look further as to the length of your treatment and the options available.

How Long Will Your Orthodontic Treatment Take?

People may know that orthodontic work is a time consuming process, which it is. However, most people don’t realize that a majority of our patients only need treatment for twelve to eighteen months. Only about one fifth of patients will require longer treatment. The reason we can achieve shorter treatment times is through the use of Damon™ System braces and Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ products, which combined with our knowledge and expertise, can produce better results in a much quicker timeframe.

The Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ System

With the Insignia™ System, we have the ability to use computers to see detailed imagery that will give us a clear picture of the desired result, using a reverse engineering process to get the optimal treatments needed for your specific needs. This technology also allows us to use computer modeling to virtually place braces and make custom wires. This means that your braces will fit your mouth perfectly and produce the results you want. This process allows us to formulate a solution before we have even started the orthodontic treatment on your teeth.

Damon™ System Braces

Damon™ System Braces are another part of our treatment philosophy. Because these braces eliminate the requirement of rapid palatal expanders, the treatment does not need to be performed until it is necessary. While we will expand the dental arches in cases where it is absolutely required, we prefer to use more modern technology for your orthodontic treatment. If you have been told you need palatal expansion by a different orthodontist in Three Rivers, please call Bandeen Orthodontics to schedule an appointment. We can show you the options available to achieve expansion without an expander.