We can Provide Damon™ System Braces in Three Rivers

Available in both clear and metal options, the Damon™ System braces are a unique solution to your orthodontic needs. Orthodontist, Dr. Tim Bandeen, is a nationally recognized Damon™ Certified Educator – one of only two in the state of Michigan – so he can not only educate his patients about the best possible use of the Damon™ System, Dr. Bandeen can also educate peers and colleagues. Easier to clean and resulting in less pain, the Damon™ System is becoming a preferred option for orthodontic braces in Three Rivers and the surrounding areas. In the post, we will take a look at the Damon™ System and the benefits of choosing them for your orthodontic needs.

No Need for Palatal Expanders

While there are instances in which the use of palatal expanders may be necessary, the Damon™ System allows us to provide treatment without surgery or the use of outdated technology, like the rapid palatal expander. If you have been told that you would require surgical expansion to complete your orthodontic work, call to set up an appointment for a second opinion. We may be able to provide you with an excellent treatment option without compromising the end result.

Less Force Means Less Pain

Orthodontic procedures can be extremely painful due to the amount of force required to reposition and realign the teeth. The Damon™ System uses lighter forced to move the teeth, resulting in an experience that is much more comfortable. We will make sure your orthodontic experience is as pain-free and comfortable as possible, so call and schedule your initial appointment today.

Shorter Treatment Time for Your Convenience

The process of getting fitted for braces and then straightening and aligning the teeth can be a long a frustrating one. With the Damon™ System, the treatment time is typically much faster, meaning you get the results you want in a much shorter window. You will also not need as many appointments with the Damon™ System, freeing up spare time for more important matters. Call today and find out how we can put you on the fast track to a better smile.

Much Easier to Clean than Other Braces

One of the more daunting tasks with braces is keeping them clean, especially if you eat any of the foods that can get stuck in braces. The Damon™ System features a patented slide mechanism that does not collect harmful bacteria the way that traditional elastic ties do. This means that the Damon™ System is not only easier to clean but will result in improved oral hygiene, as well.

To find out more about how Damon™ System braces can improve your smile, call Bandeen Orthodontics to schedule your initial appointment today.