Three Rivers Orthodontist Providing Braces and Treatment for Older Adults

About one third of the patients we see in our Three Rivers orthodontist office are adults, with a pretty significant number of them being older patients over the age of fifty. As we age, it is almost inevitable that our teeth will move and change for a variety of reasons. However, this movement and change can both be cause by and result from a number of dental health problems from tooth decay and loss of enamel to possible bone loss. This results in both health concerns and also cosmetic issues for your teeth. Bandeen Orthodontics can provide patients of all ages with the quality orthodontic treatment that they need for increased better health and a brighter smile.

Get Treatment if You Experience Any of the Following Issues

Increased Difficulty Chewing – with alignment problems or missing teeth, if can be extremely difficult to eat certain foods.

Issues with Your Speech – with tooth alignment problems, you could end up dealing with a lisp or other speech impediment issues.

Problems with Your Bite – misalignment could create issues with your ability to properly bite through certain foods.

Gum Swelling – with improperly aligned teeth, keeping them clean could be difficult, resulting in your gums becoming inflamed from food particles.

Increased Occurrences of Food Getting Stuck in Your Teeth – with crooked teeth, you run the risk of getting food stuck in your teeth, which can be very difficult to extract.

Whether you suffer from one or all of the above issues, our dedicated professionals can formulate a strategy to correct the issues to make sure your teeth function the way they are supposed to while giving you a smile you will always be proud to show off. Do not struggle with eating or speaking due to orthodontic issues any longer and get the treatment you need. Our helpful, experienced staff are ready to work with you with all of your tooth alignment problems and find out how we can assist you today. We even have invisible options available.

Bandeen Orthodontics is your Three Rivers orthodontist to help you with braces, even if you are an older adult. While you may feel that braces at your age may be impossible or a waste of time and money, modern technology makes the process much quicker and more comfortable. Improve your quality of life with a great set of braces that will give you the smile you want, even after the age of 50. Call to schedule your initial appointment today!