Orthodontic Treatment and Braces for Adult Patients in Three Rivers

While about two thirds of our orthodontic patients are younger, our Three Rivers orthodontist office also helps adult patients, many of which are over the age of fifty. Your teeth will move and change as you get older for a variety of reasons. These changes are usually the result of dental health problems like enamel loss, tooth decay, and even bone loss in more serious cases. Beyond the cosmetic problems with your teeth, these issues could also have adverse effects on your overall health. Bandeen Orthodontics in Three Rivers can properly diagnose orthodontic issues and provide patients young and old alike with the quality orthodontic treatment needed for improved health and a better-looking smile. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms or issues that could require orthodontic treatment.

Trouble Chewing Food – poorly aligned or missing teeth can make it increasingly difficult to properly chew and eat certain types of food.

Speech Impediments – if the misalignment of your teeth is causing a lisp or any other speech impediment, orthodontic treatment might be able to correct the issue.

Overbite or Underbite – an overbite or underbite can make it difficult or even impossible to properly bite through certain foods.

Swollen Gums – properly brushing misaligned teeth can be difficult, resulting in food particles cause gum inflammation.

Food Keeps Getting Stuck in Your Teeth – if your teeth are crooked, you may have trouble with food getting stuck in your teeth, which can be very annoying and difficult to remove.

If you are dealing with any or all of the issues above, our Three Rivers orthodontist office is dedicated to providing the quality, effective care you need to correct the issues with your misaligned teeth. We will thoroughly inspect your teeth, identifying any problem issues and putting together the right strategy to treat and correct the misalignment. We even have Invisalign options available for some patients, giving effective results without having those cumbersome, traditional metal braces.

Older adults who have orthodontic issues should contact the expert professionals at Bandeen Orthodontics in Three Rivers for thorough, effective treatment. Using the best equipment in the industry, we can provide successful orthodontic care that is much quicker and more comfortable than traditional orthodontic methods. Even after the age of 50, you can get a great looking smile from Bandeen Orthodontics. Call us to schedule your initial appointment today.