Invisalign in Three Rivers from Bandeen Orthodontics

For some treatment goals, Invisalign – a unique system to move teeth and improve smiles without braces – can be a great option. However, it is definitely possible that other methods of treatment, such as braces, may be more appropriate if there is a lot of movement needed or certain types of movement are needed. When you choose Invisalign in Three Rivers from Bandeen Orthodontics, we will be honest and up front with you about your chances of success with Invisalign and how they would compare to other treatment options.

Because every treatment option has varying chances of success, we provide you with an honest assessment instead of giving you unrealistic expectations. We do not believe in “selling” our patients on any treatment method. We just want what’s best for you and will provide you with any information necessary to make that assessment. Our role is matching our patients’ desired outcomes with proper treatment methods.

When you choose Invisalign in Three Rivers from Bandeen Orthodontics, we make sure you’re aware that the treatment may have some limitations. If you begin treatment and it doesn’t seem to be finishing as nicely as expected, we offer other options that include finishing with regular retainers or braces for a short period of time. This makes Bandeen a great choice for your Invisalign treatment. If you choose a practice where orthodontic options are limited, you may be stuck with less than perfect results.

At Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers, we will never try to do more than is appropriate with Invisalign and will always talk to you about realistic treatment expectations from Invisalign versus other orthodontic treatment options. Invisalign is a great and often effective orthodontic treatment method, but it is very important that we make sure that it is appropriate for you.