How Wisdom Teeth Affect Your Orthodontic Care

No matter what scope of orthodontic care you or your children need from your Three Rivers orthodontist, wisdom teeth can have a significant effect on the overall results of the treatment strategy. These molars, which are the last teeth to grow in, can cause crowding problems if there isn’t enough room in the gumline to come in properly. This is why wisdom teeth are routinely extracted. Unfortunately, if wisdom teeth are impacted or are not breaking through the gums and growing in properly, this extraction can be difficult. Please read further for more information about how your wisdom teeth can affect the orthodontic work you need.

Extraction to Avoid Crowding

If you have teeth that have been corrected by braces or need to be shifted through realignment, any wisdom teeth that could hinder the alignment will need to be extracted. Failure to do so will result in the need for further orthodontic work to correct the resulting problems. The extraction can be completed either before or after orthodontic work depending on a few factors, like the age of the patient and the recommendations of the dentist, oral surgeon, and/or orthodontist. This will be a collaborative process in which our professionals will determine the best course of action to minimize the necessary treatments and maximize the benefits to the patient.

Children’s Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a little more problematic when it comes to your children’s orthodontic treatments. The wisdom teeth grow in at different times for different children. This means that the dentist and orthodontist will have to determine the best possible strategy to extract the wisdom teeth at the right time to make sure that the orthodontic work can be completed successfully without any issues. Otherwise, the wisdom teeth can cause more crowding, necessitating more treatments to ensure that the teeth are properly aligned for the best possible results.

Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers provides orthodontic care for patients of all ages while coordinating with dentists and/or oral surgeons to make sure that your wisdom teeth don’t cause any unforeseen issues with your braces. We will work closely with you to ensure that your unique treatment strategy will result in the beautiful smile that you have always wanted. If you have concerns about the alignment of your teeth or your children’s teeth, contact our helpful staff and schedule your initial appointment today. We look forward to working with you.