How to Take Proper Care of Your Braces

In order for your braces to work properly and yield great results, you need to make sure you are taking the proper measures to keep the braces clean and properly maintained. There will certainly be a transitional phase as you become used to wearing your braces and eating with them, but by properly maintaining them and following some simple guidelines, you will see terrific results with minimal issues throughout the process. In today’s post, we will look at steps you can take to ensure that you have great success while wearing braces to improve your smile.

Proper Maintenance for Positive Results

First and foremost, you need to keep practicing good oral hygiene practices to remove food particles and avoid the excess build-up of plaque. This means brushing your teeth twice daily, using a small circular motion, brushing at the gumline to keep your gums healthy as well. You should be mindful of the amount of sugar and acid you have in your diet, as those can wear away the enamel on your teeth. You should also use a fluoride rinse or paste every night before bed for added protection. As always, maintaining your regularly scheduled dental appointments to make sure your teeth stay healthy.

What NOT to Do While Wearing Braces

The types of food you eat while you wear braces can have a significant impact on how effective they are in adjusting your teeth. You should avoid foods that have been known to knock off brackets, like hard, sticky, or crunchy foods. Chewing gum can be an absolute disaster, as it can get stuck inside the braces, making it almost impossible to remove. Pop, sports drinks, natural juices, and other drinks with a high acid content should be kept at a bare minimum, due to the damage they can do to your tooth enamel. You also need to be careful not to scrub your teeth too excessively, as it can be counterproductive. If you have any nervous habits like chewing on pens or your fingernails, those habits can also cause problems with your braces. By following these guidelines and keeping your braces properly maintained, you should have a great deal of success with your orthodontic treatment.

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