Begin Your Orthodontic Treatment Online with a Virtual Consult from Your Three Rivers Orthodontist

There are so many things we do online that we used to otherwise have to do in person. In fact, you can now have your first visit with your Three Rivers orthodontist, Bandeen Orthodontics, online with a virtual consult. However, if you prefer your initial appointment to be in person, you are under no obligation to sign up for this program. In this post, Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers will discuss how you can begin your custom orthodontic treatment online with a virtual consult.

When you choose to sign up for our virtual consult, we can speak to you online about the adjustments you would like to make to your smile and teeth, what treatment options we have available that can make those changes happen, and what financing is available to you for your orthodontic treatment. You can sign up for this new program easily and in very little time. This HIPAA compliant program allows you to complete the consultation in as few as five minutes and includes user-friendly patient forms and an easy to follow guide through the consultation process.

At Bandeen Orthodontics, your Three Rivers orthodontist, we believe in simplifying orthodontics for our patients. Adding the option for a virtual consult for your first visit is another way we are using technology to make things better, easier, and more convenient for our patients. You can begin your new smile journey with Bandeen Orthodontics of Three Rivers by signing up for our virtual consult. Of course the virtual consult is optional, and if you prefer for your initial visit to happen in our office, you can schedule an appointment by calling us or texting us at (269) 963-4118.