Adult Orthodontic Services in Three Rivers

Most orthodontic patients are younger, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you to get orthodontic treatment as an adult…even over the age of fifty. There are a variety of reasons why your teeth will continue to move and change as you age, most of which are attributable to tooth decay, enamel loss, or other dental health problems. In more serious cases, there may even be bone loss involved. While the cosmetic problems with your teeth are easily apparent, there are a number of adverse effects on your overall health. We at Bandeen Orthodontics in Three Rivers will work closely with you and provide you with a thorough diagnosis to address all of your orthodontic issues for a healthy smile you will be proud to show off. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the issues you may have that orthodontic services can alleviate.

Difficulty Chewing and Eating – if you have teeth that are missing or misaligned, you probably have trouble chewing and eating, especially crunchier or harder types of foods.

Trouble Speaking – misaligned teeth can affect the way you speak, causing a lisp or other impediments to your normal speech. Orthodontic services can help with these speech impediments.

Overbite or Underbite – if your teeth have an overbite or underbite, there are certain foods that you may have trouble biting through.

Swollen Gums – in some circumstances, teeth may be misaligned to the point that they are so difficult to brush that food particles get missed and cause gum inflammation.

Food Stuck in Your Teeth – crooked or missing teeth can result in food particles getting stuck in them, causing a nuisance that can be very difficult to remove.

If you struggle with one or more of the issues listed above, you should schedule a consultation with our Three Rivers orthodontist. Our team will provide a thorough inspection of your teeth and gums, then formulate a strategy that will correct the misalignment and restore your smile. Whether you are eligible for Invisalign options or you require traditional braces, we will make sure you are set up for successful treatment and amazing results.

Bandeen Orthodontics in Three Rivers is dedicated to providing expert orthodontic care to patients of all ages. We are equipped with the best equipment in the industry, allowing us to treat you with the best orthodontic procedures. Get a great looking smile from Bandeen Orthodontics, even after you turn 50 years old. Contact us to schedule you initial consultation with our orthodontist today.